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Company Values

Company Values

All "Great" companies operate to a certain set of principles or values that guide them in their rise above the competition. We at Seabee have embraced the operating values listed below to guide us.

Safety First

We believe there is nothing more important than the safety of our employees and our customers. From the layout of our shop floor, to the processes we deploy, and the cylinder designs that we create, everything is done with safety considered to be the most important factor.


Product quality, reliability, field support and customer service are what differentiates us from all others.


Our customers don’t want to pay for waste, nor do we. We aggressively and passionately focus on reducing waste and improving the efficiency of our processes and our people.


We believe in conducting business honestly and respectfully with customers, team members, suppliers, and the communities we operate in.


We believe that with all of our employees working together we can exceed the expectations of our customers.


We believe that the clear, effective exchange of thoughts, ideas and information are critical in building trust and success.

Responsibility and Accountability

We believe in consistently leading, performing and conducting business in a manner that supports our vision and values. Only through the disciplined thoughts and actions of responsible people will we become a truly exceptional organization.


We believe that excellence is the result of caring enough to understand our customer's desires and having the passion and determination to exceed them. We expect that in striving for excellence we will have setbacks. Learning and growing from these experiences will ensure our success.


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