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Chrome Rods & Tubes

Chrome Rods & Tubes

Seabee first began plating product in 1978. Today, our chrome operation has grown to include the capability to not only chrome plate solid bar and tubular material, but also grind, polish, straighten, induction harden, skip harden and machine product up to 11” in diameter and 32’ in length. And our in-house lab has the capability to perform ASTM-B117 salt spray testing.

In addition to our plating operation, Seabee also stocks one of the largest inventories of steel bar and tube anywhere in the United States. The following is a list of the standard materials we stock (special sizes and alloys available upon request):

Sizes Length CD1045 / 100K 10V45 / 75K 4140 QT Thickness .0005 Thickness .001 Finish 8-12 ra Induction Hardened
0.75/0.748 144" x x x x
1.000/.997 246" x x x x x x
1.125/1.122 246" x x x x x x
1.250/1.247 246" x x x x x x
1.375/1.372 246" x x x x x
1.500/1.497 294" x x x x x x
2.000/1.997 294" x x x x x x
2.250/2.247 294" x x x x x x
2.500/2.497 294" x x x x x x
2.750/2.747 294" x x x x x
3.000/2.997 294" x x x x x x x
3.250/3.247 294" x x x x x x
3.500/3.497 294" x x x x x x
4.000/3.997 294" x x x x x x x
4.500/4.497 294" x x x x x x x
5.000/4.997 294" x x x x x x
5.500/5.497 294" x x x x x
6.000/5.997 294" x x x x x

The Seabee Chrome Operation is committed to investing in satisfying our customers through new technology and continuous improvement. The implementation of a new six head Acme Centerless Belt Grinder in early 2005 is an example of investing in technology that improves quality and performance for our customers.

The Seabee Chrome Operation truly is a customer-focused organization dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services at a competitive price.

Standard Product Specifications

Standard Dimensions Minimum O.D. Minimum Length Maximum O.D. Maximum Length
Tube 0.750" 12' 11" 32'
Solid Bar 1.500" 12' 6" 24'

Lengths other than those listed are available upon special request.

Standard Chrome Thickness Minimum Maximum
Tube 0.0003" 0.0015"
Solid Bar 0.0003" 0.0015"

Chrome thickness above 0.0015" are available upon special request. Chrome thickness has a significant impact on salt spray results.


Standard Materials
Tube materials are typically 1026CD DOM or ST52.3. Bar materials are typically 1045 or similar steels. Non-standard materials are available upon request.

Standard Finishes
All materials are polished to a specific surface finish to create the optimum conditions for successful plating. The material is finish polished to your final specifications after plating insuring adherence to your dimensions and surface texture requirements.

Quality Assurance
In-process inspections are performed throughout the manufacturing process to insure the final quality of the product. Salt spray testing per ASTM B117 is available in-house as well as independent analysis from outside laboratories.

Other Value Added Services
Materials can be induction hardened prior to plating. This increases the parent metal surface hardness to approximately 55 Rockwell "C" to a depth of 0.050". Induction hardening may be done in zones to provide soft areas for further welding or machining.

Machining capabilities are available for chrome plated bar and tubing from 1” to 5” up to 180” in length.

Surface compounds can be applied to the finished material to enhance the corrosion resistance of the product for several applications. Other value-added machining can be quoted upon special request.


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