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Large Bore Hydraulic Cylinders &
Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders

The Seabee Hydraulic Cylinder organization is an expert at designing and manufacturing large diameter bore hydraulic cylinders and long stroke hydraulic cylinders for virtually any application.

During the design phase, close attention is paid to the specific conditions of the application. This includes loads, operating temperatures and environment, service requirements, safety factors, holding valve requirements and working pressures. Our engineers use proven and proprietary design methods to ensure issues such as case growth, rod deflection and bearing binding are mitigated.

Our manufacturing facility has dedicated and specialized machining, welding, assembly and test lines for Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders, as well as Large Bore Hydraulic Cylinders. Our manufacturing processes have been developed with a Safety and Quality first approach.

We utilize modeling and testing techniques such as FEA Analysis, Mag Particle, UT and X-Ray. We have 100% traceability on all critical components. In addition, we offer witness testing by agencies such as ABS and DIN. We can provide you with test, oil cleanliness, material and weld certifications.

Large Bore Hydraulic Cylinders and Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders can be very complex systems to fabricate. We have the experience and industries standards to produce quality products to meet your specifications.

Industry Expert Capabilities

  • Large Bore Cylinders: Diameters up to 30”
  • Single Long Stroke Cylinders: Lengths up to 420”
  • Pressure Ratings up to 10,000 psi


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