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Product Design

Product Design

In the specialized business of providing hydraulic cylinders for industries ranging from aerospace to material handling, no two applications – no two customers – are identical. Each is specific, one of a kind. And each requires its own highly specialized solution.

That’s exactly why businesses worldwide call on Seabee to engineer hydraulic cylinders that meet their unique requirements, proprietary designs, specific market and application needs, including:

Guaranteed Quality
  • Motion compensation on semi-submersible oil platforms
  • Boom extend and hoist for truck and rough terrain cranes
  • Ladder extend and hoist for aerial basket and fire equipment
  • Compaction cylinders for scrap processing equipment
  • Railroad track maintenance equipment
  • Water and exploratory drilling feed cylinders
  • Cable tension cylinders for Aerial Tramways

Guaranteed Quality

Seabee has highly skilled engineers who bring together years of design and application experience and state-of-the-art design tools to provide our customers with the right product at the right value.

Only at Seabee will you find cylinders developed jointly by your engineers and ours, working together on all facets of the project, from design and prototyping, to testing and final production.


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